I know it’s a day early, but whatever. It’s got mixed messages just like your relationship.

  1. Love Love, Kiss Kiss- The Alkaline Trio
  2. Rumour Has It- Adele
  3. Dead Hearts- Dead Man’s Bones
  4. The Horror of Our Love- Ludo
  5. Girlfriend In A Coma- The Smiths
  6. Solo Dolo- Kid Cudi
  7. When Your Heart Stops Beating- +44
  8. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
  9. Kiss With A Fist- Florence and the Machine
  10. Someone Like You- Adele
  11. Kiss Me, Kill Me- Mest
  12. Louis Vuitton Body Bag-Jeffree Star ft. Matt Skiba
  13. Kiss Off- Violent Femmes
  14. Heavy Metal Lover- Lady Gaga
  15. We Used To Be Friends- The Dandy Warhols
  16. You’re So Last Summer- Taking Back Sunday
  17. Homicide-999
  18. True Hate- Heavens
  19. La La Love You- The Pixies
  20. No Feelings- The Sex Pistols
  21. Love is Dangerous- blink 182
  22. Love Is a Losing Game- Amy Winehouse
  23. Love- The Smashing Pumpkins
  24. All Alone- The Gorillaz
  25. I Don’t Love You- My Chemical Romance